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Ultrasonic Gas Meter GUVR-011A2.2

Ultrasonic gas meter GUVR- 11 А2.2 is designed for measuring, under operating conditions, flow velocity, volumetric flow rate and volume of natural gas and other gasses transported through the pipelines of circular cross-section in the forward or reverse direction, as well as measuring operating and down time.


Ultrasonic Gas Meter GUVR-011 A4.4

Four-path ultrasonic gas meter is intended to measure, under operating conditions, the flow rate, volumetric flow and volume of the gaseous substances transported in the forward and/or reverse direction, as well as operating and down time.

Ultrasonic Gas Meter GUVR-011 A2.2/IS/314 with autonomous power supply

Ultrasonic gas meters are designed to measure under operating conditions the flow rate, volume flow rate and volume of gaseous substances (gas) transported through pipelines in the forward or reverse directions

энергоучет бытовой счётчик ГОРН

Domestic gas meter HORN

Gas Meter HORN is designed to measure the volume of natural gas or degasified hydrocarbon gas for households and public utilities adjusting the measured gas volume, and displaying the amount of consumed gas on the meter indicator with the ability to transfer information to a centralized accounting system

энергоучет скиды

Complete gas metering units (SKIDs)

Metering unit (SKID) of platform performance intended is a finished prefabrication product designed to measure the flow rate and volume of natural gas.

(Українська) Комплекс РГ ОНТ

(Українська) Комплекс РГ ОНТ на базі витратоміра лічильника DN 100 PN 6,3 МПа (в подальшому Комплекс РГ ОНТ) призначений для технологічного обліку газу на експлуатаційних свердловинах родовищ і підземних сховищах газу, промислових об’єктах  і  об’єктах  газотранспортної  системи.