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GFA202/GFA414 gas meters are the next generation ultrasonic gas flow meters designed to measure the flow rate and volume of natural in the forward and reverse direction. The meters have an integrated flow corrector with pressure and temperature sensors for effective and eliable custody transfer measurements.

The meters c omply with the requirements of O IML R137:2012/amend.2014), EN 12405-1:2021, E N12405-2:2012 and the EU ectives MID, ATEX, EMC and PED.

The GFA202/GFA414 gas meters are designed with types of tection “explosion- proof enclosure ” d” and “intrinsically safe electrical circuit “i” as per EN IEC 60079-0:2018/AC:2020-02, EN 60079-
1:2014/AC:2018-09 and EN 60079-11:2012.

The GFA202/GFA414 meters can be powered by an external 12 VDC ce or from in-board battery for autonomous operation. The battery is not less than 5 years.

The meters have the following outputs: 1 x LF pulse, 1 x LF/HF pulse (user configurable); 1 x RS485 (Modbus); 1 x RS485 (Modbus)/4…20 mA analog output (as ordered).

Nominal values ​​of volume flow rates


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