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energouchet calibration-rigs

Automated verification installation for gas meters APU-G-011

APU-G is an automated verification installation for gas meters intended for verification (calibration) and testing of turbine, rotary, ultrasonic and vortex flow meters, meters of natural gas, air, other gases and mixtures thereof, having an output pulse signal by means of comparison with reference meters. APU-G uses air as the working medium.

энергоучет АПУ

Automated calibration installation for liquid flow meters (AAP)

Automated calibration rig APU-011 is designed for automated verification and calibration of flow meters and liquids mass meters using three measurement methods.


Portable standards (for liquids and gas)

A portable standard (intermediary standard, traveling standard) – is a secondary standard, designed for comparison of measurement standards and calibration of measuring instruments (MI) which for one reason or another can not be directly compared with each other e.g. in case of international comparisons when standard’s transportation is required etc.