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Secondary Flow Conversion Device VK-011 modification 7


Flow conversion device VK-011 modification 7 is designed to be used along with the standard trays, weirs and unpressurized water pipelines, including Venturi and Parshall flumes.

Flow conversion device VK-011 receives and processes signals from the level gauge with digital signal via HART protocol or unified DC output 4…20mA.

The flow conversion device VK-011 provides:

  • conversion, with a frequency of no more than 1 second, of output signals from the level or pressure transducers, calculation of pressure values;
  • measurement and indication of time;
  • automatic transition to “winter”, “summer” time;
  • registration of accidents and emergency situations, formation of records in the emergency archive;
  • registration of configuration and setting changes, formation of records in the operator archive of interferences;
  • accumulation of archives containing information on the amount of liquid passing through the tray, weir or pipe;
  • display on the LCD of any of the items of the device menu;
  • information display on the LCD: instantaneous flow rate; liquid level; archives: time, date, settings, error flags.

Flow conversion device VK-011 is adapted for operation as a part of ACS and can be connected to the PC (directly or through a dial-up connection).

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The metrological characteristics of the flow conversion device VK-011:
The limits of permissible absolute error of the flow conversion device during time measurement constitutes ± 2 s per day. The limits of permissible basic relative error of the VK-011 when working with primary transducers having a digital output – ± 0,02%. The limits of permissible relative error of the  flow conversion device while converting DC signals from level gauges or pressure transducers, measurement time and calculation of the flow rate and fluid volume are the following:

  • in the level range from 0,2•hMAX incl. up to hМАХ – ± 0,1 %;
  • in the level range from 0,1•hМАХ to 0,2•hМАХ – ± 0,2 %.

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