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Ultrasonic liquid flowmeters UVR-011

ultrasonic-luiquid-flowmeters-uvr-011-3-jpgUltrasonic Liquid Flow Meters UVR-011 of various modifications are designed to measure the flow rate, volumetric flow rate and volume of “conditionally pure” liquids that do not contain significant amounts of suspended solids transported via pressurized pipelines of circular cross-section in the forward or reverse direction.

Flow meters UVR-011 meet the requirements of technical specifications TU 4213-216-83603664-001-2012. The meters are produced in industrial and explosion-proof versions. The principle of operation of ultrasonic flow meters UVR-011 is based on the conversion and processing of the electrical signal that is proportional to the difference between the propagation times of the ultrasonic signal.

Ultrasonic flow meters UVR-011 consist of two or three components:

1. Electronics unit (EU);
2. Several pairs of electroacoustic transducers (EATs), which are mounted in pairs on one or two pipelines;
3. Power supply and communication unit (PCU) – for devices whose EU are not equipped with liquid crystal displays (LCD).


Ultrasonic flow meters UVR-011 are complete with clamp-on or embedded EATs is mounted on the outer surface of the pipe and can be equipped with magnetic clamps, insulation displacement – is placed in the holes made in the walls of the pipe.

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