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Ultrasonic Liquid Meter UVR-011 modification A1.1/IS

ultrasonic luiquid flowmeters uvr-011Ultrasonic liquid flow meters UVR-011A1.1/IS are designed to measure volumetric flow and volume of acoustically transparent liquids, particularly stratal and bottom water in the reservoir pressure maintenance systems at oil companies, for working pressures up to 40 MPa. Flow meters UVR-011A1.1/IS provides fluid measuring in one or two pipelines using electroacoustic transducers (EAT) built into the in-line section (IS) at the factory.

The meters are designed to work either autonomously or under control of the PC that is part of the ACS. The meters are available in two versions: as a mono-block oriented at autonomous operation (UVR-011A 1.1/VS) and with an external power supply and communication unit (PCU) (UVR-011A1.1/IS-G).ultrasonic luiquid flowmeters uvr-011 a1.1 bc

Ultrasonic liquid flowmeters UVR-011A1.1/IS consists of an electronics unit (EU) equipped with a keyboard and a liquid crystal display (LCD) and one (two) pairs of EATs embedded into one (two) in-line sections at the factory.

UVR-011A1.1/IS-G along with the EU and in-line sections includes a remote power supply and communication unit (PCU) connected to the EU through a 2-wire communication line. The EU of the meter UVR-011A1.1 / IS-G is produced without keyboard and LCD. The EU-PCU line provides supply of voltage and data exchange. Reading data from the meter is provided using keyboard and LCD SBS.

Parameters Nominal inner diameter of the pipeline, DN, mm
50 80 100
Liquid temperature, °С 0…150
Gauge pressure, MPа 16, 25
Maximum flow Qmax, m3/h 71 180 285
Transitional flow Qt, m3/h 4.2 6.8 8.5
Minimum flow Qmin, m3/h 0.7 1.8 2.8
Threshold flow Qthreshold, m3/h 0.15 0.35 0.35
Relative error of measurement of flow and volume, %
Qt…Qmax, % ± 1
Qmin…Qmax, % ± 4
Qthreshold…Qmin Calculation is conducted with non-standardized accuracy
For the flows less Qthreshold Volume is not accumulated (Flow is taken as equal to zero)

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