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Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter UVR-011 modification A-K-M and A2-K-M (portable)

ultrasonic-liquid-flowmeters-uvr-011-modification-akma2km-mobile-2Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meters UVR-011 modification A2-K-M (portable design) are intended to measure the flow rate, volumetric flow rate and volume of liquids transported via pressurized pipelines of circular cross section in the forward or reverse direction.

Flow meters consist of an Electronics Unit (EU) and two or four (for two-channel meter) sensors with magnetic clamps.

The flow meters provided:

– Measurement and display of the instantaneous flow rate (including directions), volumetric flow rate and volume (cumulative);
– Forming  volumes archive of the first and second channels for 5,10,20,30 minutes intervals;
– Forming volume archive by total/difference data of the first and second channels;
– Registration of the downtime;
– Data transmission to the PC.

Main advantages:

  • The flow meter has a high sensitivity which allows to perform measurements on pipes with a long life and significant scale, measure the flow of sewage or silty river water;
  • Function as a digital oscilloscope that allows you to visually monitor the proper sensor installation and condition of the pipeline at the point of installation to determine the presence of industrial noise;
  • The use of sensors with magnetic clamps speeds up the setup process much and facilitates preparation for flow measurements (especially when working on large diameter pipelines);
  • Long battery life (up to 5 hours), the LCD display the charge level of batteries;
  • The ability to work from network supply;
  • The meter is equipped with a built-in calibrator, which allows you to perform calibration following an approved method.
Parameter Value
Pipe inner diameter, mm 70-360
Accuracy of flow measurement, % ± 1,5; ± 2,0 (±0,5%)
Range of flow velocity measurement, m/s 0,1-10
Range of operating temperatures for the sensor, °C -20…+120
Range of operating temperatures for the electronics unit, °C +5…+45
Relative error of measurement of expenditure and volume, mm ±0,2
Supply voltage, V 220 or 6,5
Required power is not more, W 2,5


1 LF 2P2 – Electronic unit (twin channel) with LCD display and keyboard 1 pc.
2 Electroacoustic transducer 4 pcs.
3 Removable plates (for clamp-on installation) 16 pcs.
4 Power unit/Battery charger 5V, 1А 1 pc.
5 Thickness gauge 1 pc.
6 Accumulator charger 1 pc.
7 Standards strip for calibration of thickness gauge 1 pc.
8 Measuring roulette, 5m 1 pc.
9 Tapping hammer with screwdrive 1 pc.
10 Waterproof grease 1 set

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