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Ultrasonic Gas Meter GUVR-011 for 15 MPa application

Ультразвуковой счетчик газа ГУВР-011 на давление 15 МПаUltrasonic gas meters are designed to measure under operating conditions the flow rate, volume flow rate and volume of gaseous substances (gas) transported through pipelines in the forward or reverse directions, and to measure the operating time and downtime.

The meters provide gas flow velocity V measurement in the pipeline in both directions in the range from 0.1 to 25.0 m/s (under order – 35.0 m/s). Depending on the direction, flow velocity has the sign “+” or “-“. The meter calculates the current volumetric flow rate, as the product of the measured flow rate and the inner cross-sectional area of the pipe.

Impurities contained in a gas (such as dust or fine condensate) increase the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal as it passes through the acoustic channel between EAT and thus impede measurements. The manufacturer guarantees the stable operation of the meters at a volume concentration of dust or suspended drop in the gas up to 5%.
The possibility of using the meters to measure more polluted gases is confirmed by conducting control measurements.

The meters allow for remote control via a PC. When using special software  on the computer at the choice of the consumer can be displayed:

  • results of measurement of the direction and flow velocity, current flow rate, the volume as a cumulative sum;
  • the waveform of the signal that has passed through the acoustic path;
  • configuration  and settings parameters of the meter;
  • clock readings and calendar;
  • archive data.

Functional capabilities of the meter and its setting can be changed by programming the built-in microcontroller via an external computer. To prevent unauthorized access to the meter control, the meter software is protected by a password. The password is a sequence of several numbers.

Commands of the PC operator do not change the configuration and setting of the meter or erase the archive data and are performed without password. The meter is equipped with a passive shaper of the pulse-frequency signal. The power supply and communication unit repeat the passive signal of the electronics unit and forms active output pulse signal.

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