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Ultrasonic (Doppler) Liquid Flow Meter UDR-011R

udr-011Ultrasonic Flow Meters UDR-011 are designed to measure the flow rate, volume flow rate and volume of liquids transported via pressurized (completely filled) pipelines in the forward and reverse direction and containing not less than 0.1% of suspended solids or gaseous inclusions; and also to measure time.

The meters relate to ultrasonic Doppler-type flow meters with a continuous emission and reception of reflected signal by piezoelectric transducers.

25The meters are intended for process control in metallurgical, chemical and other industries, as well as water and wastewater systems. The meters can be used in metering, including custody transfer, water, sewage, multiphase media – pulps, slurries and other liquids.

The meters consist of the Electronics Unit and two clamp-on electroacoustic transducers (EAT), which are mounted on the pipe and connected to the EU with signal RF cables. The use of the clamp-on transducers allows for measurements without breaking the pipe and interrupting the process. No contact with a controlled flow rate allows measuring any aggressive and highly contaminated mediums.

The meters are manufactured for pipes with a wall thickness ranging from 2 to 20 mm, made of materials conducting ultrasound (steel, cast iron, nonferrous metals, plastic, glass). For use on metal pipes, the meters are complete with EAT with magnetic clamping devices. Portable (self-powered) meters are also available.

Parameter Value
Inner diameter of the pipeline, mm 40-1600
Range of velocity measurement, m/s 0,1-6
Accuracy of the measurement, % 2
Range of operating temperatures for the sensors, °C -20…+100
Supply voltage, V 220 or 12
Consumed power, W 12
Distance between sensors and electronic unit, m, not more 70

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