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The complex for shutting off the sewer pipeline OBK-09

obk-9aOBK-09 is a device for shutting off the sewer pipeline in an apartment. It is designed to temporarily disable (block) sewer pipeline connected with the riser.

Installation (removal) of the locking elements is performed regardless of installation height and previously installed (shifted, deleted) blocks. It is allowed to block the same branch several times.

The product allows, while maintaining operability of the riser:

  • shut off (block) the sewer pipeline by installing spring plugs;
  • unlock the sewer pipeline by shifting the established caps;
  • shut off (block) the sewer pipeline by installing pneumatic elements (rubber ball);
  • unblock the sewer pipeline by removing pneumatic elements (rubber ball);
  • explore the riser for defects and damage.

Operating conditions:

  • ambient temperature – from 0 to 55 °C;
  • upper value of relative humidity – 95% at 35°C and lower temperatures without moisture condensation;
  • atmospheric pressure – from 84.0 to 106.7 kPa (630-800 mm Hg).

Key product specifications are shown in the table.

Parametr Value
The diameter of the riser 50-150
Maximum height 50 m
Power supply 12 v
Time of continuous operation when fully charged 8 hours
Dimensions, mm, not more
operator console 360 х 400 х 190
Tool Case 500 х 260 х 290
coil cable and cable 190 х 210 х 320
case with bars 1620 х 150
The total weight, kg, not more
net: 36
gross: 102

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