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Autonomous power supply systems

The practice of designing metering units has shown that there may happen situations impeding equipment powering from local sources. In such circumstances, the Customer demands to provide powering from independent power sources. In particular, solar batteries may be used as independent ones.

The structure of such autonomous power supply includes:

  • solar battery (panel);
  • switching automat (controller);
  • accumulator battery.

Autonomous power supply has the following advantages:

  • High return on investments (payback period – 2-2.5 years);
  • High reliability;
  • Wide temperature range: -50 ° C to +60 ° C, humidity up to 100%;
  • Freedom from maintenance;
  • Noiseless.

Photovoltaic (solar) battery (unit) – converts solar energy into electrical energy. Battery collects and stores energy generated by the photovoltaic (solar) battery (module) for its further output.

The charge controller – regulates and controls the battery charging, extending their service life, as well as displays information on the system operation status on the LCD, or LEDs.

In order to make a reasoned choices of autonomous current sources and battery design, the TOR should contain the following information:

  • nominal voltage of the power equipment;
  • the minimum and maximum operating voltage;
  • constant and peak power requirements;
  • desired battery life;
  • temperature operating conditions;
  • maximum dimensions;
  • charge length requirements;
  • weight requirements;
  • security requirements;
  • ways of fixing the battery and switching equipment in the enclosure;
  • the frequency and features of operation.

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