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General information

Private Joint-Stock Company “Energouchet” has accumulated considerable experience of international cooperation working with the countries of the former Soviet Union, the Baltics, Central Asia, European and other continents. In total, today more than 1,700 units of measuring devices manufactured by PJSC “Energouchet” are operated outside of Ukraine.

To more efficiently promote its products in the foreign markets, PJSC “Energouchet” actively conducts a search outside Ukraine and establishes partnership relations with companies that have expressed a desire to represent the interests of PJSC “Energouchet” in the territory of other states.

Nowadays, the following companies are the Official Representatives of PJSC “Energouchet” outside Ukraine:

According to the signed Dealer Agreements, Cooperation Agreements and other documents on cooperation, Official Representatives in connection with the fulfillment of their authorities are entitled to:

1 – Negotiate with the heads of Ministries, Departments, Committees, Corporate Groups, companies, enterprises, organizations, institutions and other legal entities and individuals to sell the products of PJSC “Energouchet”;

2 – Participate in tenders for procurement of measuring equipment;

3 – Sell the equipment of PJSC “Energouchet” as well as perform its warranty and service maintenance;

4 – Take part in exhibitions, conferences, seminars, forums, advertise and present equipment of the PJSC “Energouchet etc.

Private Joint-Stock Company “Energouchet” invites you to cooperation and expresses hope for fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation in the integration of measuring instruments outside of Ukraine.