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Сontroller EnergoLink

EnergoLink is a series of smart devices based on Internet of Things technologies, designed to receive signals from devices connected to them, store archival information and transfer archives to a database on a remote server.

According to the order EnergoLink can be made in one of the following modifications:
EnergoLink-i – designed to receive pulses from the frequency- pulse outputs of connected water meters;
EnergoLink-p – designed to receive the signal connected pressure transducers and determine the output of the measured value by the limits of the measuring range are established;
EnergoLink-m – designed to receive connected data devices on one of interfaces: RS-232 or RS-485.

Automated systems for control and accounting of water consumption and coolant with parameter control.

power supply from the built-in battery or from external power supplies
saving readings and parameters in non-volatile memory
transmission of readings to the automated data collection system via NBIoT or GSM / GPRS cellular network
the ability to communicate with external devices via digital
RS-485 interface
according to the order in the device can be provided:
– up to 4 counting inputs for receiving the frequency-pulse signal;
– up to 4 discrete inputs for connection of discrete sensors;
– up to 2 analog inputs for receiving an analog signal;
– up to 1 discrete output (for control of the shut-off valve, etc.)
the built-in security sensor of opening of a cover of the case of the device
technological program “Configurator EnergoLink-mip” for task of the period of interrogation of analog and digital RS-232 / RS-485-inputs, the limits of the ranges of the input signal for each
analog channel, data transfer period to the server, etc.